Lodging before Tour Starts

Should I try and book at the same hotel that we will be staying in once our tour starts? I have never been to Europe before and I am wondering what the best thing to do is once we arrive and have one or two days before the tour. I'm very nervous about this! Help!

Posted by David
Sacramento, CA, USA
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But what tour--what is the starting city?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Definatley book same pretour hotel, it makes it much easier for you and then you don;t have to pack and move after two days when you are a newbie to Europeon travel, plus the hotels are usually reasonable price and in decent areas.
Don't be nervous, you will have the time of your life!

Posted by Matt
Kent, WA, USA
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i've done two rick steves trips and in both cases was able to book at the same hotel at the tour start, and it worked fine!
I think you could probably find a cheaper hotel room, but the convenience of not having to move is worth any extra cost. Plus when you're trying to recover from jetlag its nice to not have to worry about moving hotels. Unless there's a specific location in the city that you really want to see thats NOT near the Rick Steves hotel, I would recommend trying to get into the same hotel as the tour if possible, it just saves a lot of hassle. NO reason to worry.

Posted by Karen
Seaside, CA, USA
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I agreedefinitely book at the tour hotel. Totally worth any extra it might cost. On the first day of your tour, you will meet with your group around 4 or 5 in the evening. If you are already settled in your room, you can spend that day touring on your own. If you stay elsewhere, you will spend the day packing, finding the hotel, unpacking and orienting to a new neighborhood. You will get good directions in your tour packet to get to that first hotel, so that will help. Carry a copy of your hotel list in your money belt in case you get turned around while you are exploring. RS tour guides do a terrific job of orienting you to each new city/town, so relax and enjoy yourself.

Posted by Debra
Celina, TX, USA
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I agree with all the other comments. I have taken several tours and have stayed at the tour hotel. One thing, when making the reservation make sure to inform the hotel that you are a member of RS Tour, state tour by name and give tour dates, and request that you have the same room, if possible. I have never had a problem as I have always gotten the same room assignment as the tour. However, I do know on my last tour some couples had to change rooms when the tour started. Enjoy your tour! By the way, which tour is it?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Monique, I always book the same Hotel as used by the tour, and find that to be the best method. On a few occasions, I've had to change rooms once the tour starts but most of the time I just stay in the same room. As mentioned in one of the other replies, it's a good idea to mention to the Hotel that you'll be joining a Rick Steves tour. Happy travels!