"locks" for 2 suitcases

Rick suggests using a bike chain/lock to attach suitcases to a fixed item. Since we never check our bags on flights, would a chain be allowed on a plane? {Last week I saw a lady across the aisle on my plane knitting with 10 inch metal needles!} Go figure.. I am concerned with leaving our suitcases at hostels/hotels before we are able to actually check in. I thought if we could attach them together, it would at least make it harder to take them.

Posted by Bonne
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Typically there is a luggage hold or luggage lockers in the hostels. I would keep a padlock with you if you're staying in hostels (I prefer a key since I'll never remember a combination) so you can lock your luggage at night. If not you'll have to buy one there. Keep it small - not a school-locker lock - just a bit smaller. Sometimes there are different sizes and they tend to run smallish.

Posted by Ellen
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You might want to invest in a PacSafe mesh lock for your suitcases if you are concerned about theft. It will cost you a bit more than just a bike lock (easy to break)

These mesh locks cover the entire bag and lock to something safe. Depending on the size of luggage you are taking, you might be able to put both pieces in one.

here's a link to the product at REI.com They come in different sizes, I've picked the largest.


Posted by Bea
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I don't believe a chain lock will do the job.
If one wants to take your suitcase, he will just cut the handle off or the whole suitcase.
If you are really concerned, leave it at the reception or lock it in their big lockers. Most of the hostels have such lockers in a common room.
Or the get the Pacsafe mesh someone suggested.
Check TSA web site for the most recent rules.
I thought needles weren't allowed on board.

Posted by Brad
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I always bring two locks in my carry on (it's about the only thing I carry two of).

One is a keyed cable lock from master lock. It's a small lock on a light cable. I use it on trains to lock my bag to a rack or seat. It's mainly a deterent to someone who might consider a grab and dash theft of my bag.

The other is a backpackers lock. It's a D-ring that has a latch and combo lock built in. It works well for hostel lockers.