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Liquids for 3.5 months abroad

I'm backpacking across Europe for nearly four months starting in September. I would love to just carry my backpack on flights, since going over I have two layovers, and I'm taking Ryanair later, but how do bring shampoo, body wash, etc.? Those 3-ounce bottles won't do me any good for the amount of time I'll be there. Should I just wait to buy everything there? Or am I stuck checking my bag?

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The liquid rule is standardised within the EU and it is the same as the US, only 100mL instead of 3-oz.

I would just buy what you need in Europe - for that length of trip it's not worth bringing stuff from the US. You can find the same or similar or comparable brands in the Europe in plenty of sizes.

Do be aware that on any flight connecting through or going from a UK airport, you will be limited to a SINGLE carry on bag and it must be within the size restrictions. A computer bag or small-medium backpack will be fine, but a large backpack will not make it on to the plane - they are very strict

You should also remember that many planes for flights within Europe are small, so you may be forced to gate check items even if they are within carry-on limits. SO make sure to have valuables/tickets/key/money in a smaller bag that you can remove quickly if you have to gate check your backpack.

And RyanAir is very strict about weight, so keep that mind when you pack.

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My husband and I are going next May for a month. We are bringing solid shampoo and soaps to get around this problem. There is a company called LUSH that makes their own products and they are wonderful!!!
They are online and have stores in the US, Canada, and Europe. Buy one and try it. I think you will be a convert in no time.

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I know that flying within Europe the rules could be different with the amount of liquid you bring. I would recommend buying what you need over there, but in small amounts. I know from previous experience that Ryan Air charges for each bag you check and can only equal 15kg (then they charge per kg), since most people are just going somewhere for a short break. I would check te airline you will fly with for their prohibited items, because I don't see that you can't bring liquid on RyanAir's website.