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Liquid Carry On Question

I will be carrying on my liquids according to the 3-1-1 TSA rule when my husband and I go to Ireland In August. I was going to take a few small packets of first aid gel and anti itch cream (like the sizes in first aid kits, way less than 1 oz). Has anyone had any experience with this? The TSA site says bottles in their description. Thanks for any assistance!

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should be no problem since they're small. Just stick them in the baggie. I've put stuff that's not technically in a "bottle" in my baggie for domestic travel and I've had no problem :) As far as I'm aware, you can bring any liquid packed any way as long as the container is under 3oz.... tubes of toothpaste or cream are fine, any and all kinds of makeup that don't come in bottles is fine, can of hairspray, etc. I think the reason they specifically talk about bottles may be that the bottles have a special rule in that even if there is 3oz or less in the bottle, the bottle itself must ALSO be 3oz or less (aka you can't carry an 8oz bottle of shampoo that's mostly empty).

Have a great time! :)

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Agree with Debra. You should be fine. I was in Europe in March and only had my hand luggage x rayed through the machine at security. I went through 4 airports. No one asked to see anything in it at all. I did have it all sealed in the plastic bag and ready for inspection if needed.

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Domestically I have no issues at all. I have carried foil packets of nail polish remover and foil packets of face cleaner. For liquids you take from a large bottle, pack into the 3 oz containers, put them in the 1 quart zip lock and hand it to the TSA agent before they ask. Don't wait for them to find it. Just hand it over. So far they have not even looked to see what is inside!!!

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Hello Robin,

I put all of my liquid in my cargo pants and walk right through security...

So... wear cargo pants, put the liquid in the dollar store plastic shampoo holders and walk right through... Just make sure you don't get snagged for wearing a belt.

The TSA is more concerned with appearance then actual enforcement


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I was in five different airports in May (1 in the US, two in the UK and two in Spain). At each place, the screeners asked to see the plastic bag separately as we approached the xray machine for carryon bags. I had bottles as well as things like lip gloss and Blistex, and had no problems anywhere.