Lipizzaner Stud Farm at Lipica (Slovenia)

Has anyone here been to visit th estud farm? How was it? I have loved horses all my life, and the Lipizzaners (and Andalusians) are my favorite. Visiting the stud farm would be a dream come true, and I just learned how close it is to Trieste, which we can easily get to by train from Venice. The website says to take a taxi from Trieste, so I am wondering how much that will cost. Thinking of an overnight trip, train to Trieste, check in to a hotel and drop luggage, then head to the farm for the afternoon. Return to Triest to explore this historic city for the evening and the next morning, then return to Venice. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice.

Posted by gone
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hi, i would like to know for future references too. happy trails.

Posted by Joan
Gettysburg, PA, USA
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I visited the stud farm a few years ago and it is a "must see." Yhe grounds are large and the visitor is free to look at all the stables where the young horses are kept.It is a delightful experience. There are also shows with the horses in training performing which I also enjoyed.
Don't miss this. It was one of the best experiences that I have had in many trips to various parts of Europe.

Posted by Lola
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Thank you, Joan! I was looking at the schedule and they do the training show and stable tour at 10:00 am. We will have to decide whether to spend the previous night in Trieste or stay at the on-site hotel. And I am still trying to find out the cost of the taxi from Triest to Lipica.