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Lightweight luggage cart

For years we have traveled the "Rick Steves" way - 1 backpack and day pack each for a six week trip. We now have some back issues and the weight of the pack is more than we want to carry through airports. Rolling bags are considerably heavier for lifting into overhead bins, so we're thinking about one luggage cart to haul in airports. Does anyone know of a very lightweight cart - 2.5 - 3 pounds without breaking the bank?

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If you're just looking for a luggage cart to use at the Airport you could always rent one?

As for lifting issue, if this is a concern while on board the Aircraft, I'm sure an F/A would gladly assist you. (They don't encourage us to build upper body strength for nothing!:))

Sorry I don't have any recommendations for a lightweight cart. I always found them a nuissance. But then again I don't have any problems lifting. So you'll have to decide if it's worth lugging a cart or not?

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I had the same idea and tried a micro-cart...weighed less than two pounds. I think it was made by Samsonite.

I'm so glad I tested it out before a trip. It was awful. It was very unstable. The cart kept toppling over and my bag would fall off.

A lightweight rolling bag only weighs about 3 1/2 pounds more than the RS convertible bag. the lightest cart I could find was two pounds. So, we're talking a 1 1/2 pound difference.

If it's just for airports, then you can always get a luggage cart. I've yet to see an airport without one.

Check out the RS rolling bag or Ebags Weekender Wheelie.