lightest 2-wheeled 20 to 22 inch bag?

I'm trying to decide if it's worth replacing my 22-inch RS rolling bag with a lighter one. I'm finding companies have pretty lose standards for what they call ultralight, etc. I'd welcome recommendations for the lightest 2-wheel 20 to 22 inch suitcases you've found. Also, I was looking at IT luggage, which is certainly ultralight, but I'm concerned about its durability if checked, plus the zipper and handles seemed less than smooth on the ones I looked at. If anyone has experience with IT, I'd also be interested. Thanks.

Posted by Paul
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Sherry, check out this thread: Osprey 18" 'Ozone' Ultra-light Carryon. (Edit: The link didn't take. You should scroll down the main screen till you find it, or else cut and paste the following in your browser address box: I think 4 pounds is about the best I've seen. I like the 20 inch suitcases because they look like they'll always fit in an overhead. Some of the 22 inch ones seem to stretch the limits. I like the 4.5 wheeled bag I mention in that thread, but for most overseas trips, I'm sticking with the backpack/duffel bag that weighs 8.5 ounces, but I've been infected with the ultralight fever. I've found myself weighing my underwear. "Two-point-eight ounces for a pair of undershorts? Hmmm, how many do I really need to take?"

Posted by Rose
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That's my thread mentioned above and their lifetime guarantee to repair if damaged is what sold me on it, as well as the great design, excellent wheels, and high-quality construction. I'm downsizing from a Rick Steves 22" rollerbag after just proving to myself during a 2-week European jaunt that I can live perfectly well with less. It actually made my trip MORE enjoyable to have fewer things to think about.

Posted by Bets
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There are some long threads on this on Just search lightweight carryon.

Posted by David
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What I get tired of is unpacking my 22" rolling bag when I get home after 2 weeks away. I often don't even use 1/2 the clothes I've hauled all over Europe. We'll change shirts after a couple of days, but a pair of jeans will last a week or until they get muddy/dirty.
And medium starch on collared shirts and khaki pants will make them last a number of days while looking okay. We get the jeans starched also.

Posted by Rose
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Exactly, David! I realized, too, that I could make do with less and be comfortable. I carried only 11 lbs. on my recent 2-week trip, including the old woven shoulderbag weighing 1 lb. that the stuff was packed in. I did it as a test to see what it would be like to not use a rollerbag, and I didn't care if the bag got wrecked because I intended to toss it after the trip anyway. On the last morning of the trip I discovered at the bottom of the bag that I still had one blouse and one pair of slacks I hadn't worn yet. Bingo! Clean clothes for the long flight home. After my little experiment I decided I do like a rollerbag and I went looking for the lightest-weight one out there. Found the 4-lb. Osprey 18" rollerbag at a nearby travel store. Will arrive tomorrow and I can't wait to test it out.

Posted by Brad
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I bought this for my wife (a metallic silver version). It's the lightest wheeled bag I could find. It's been on a couple of international vacations now. It looks nice and is well made (if not awash in features). The only caveat to date is ALWAYS carry this bag with you; it scratches easily. While a scratch doesn't affect how the bag works, it does make the bag look less sleek and modern. We left this at the dock in Copenhagen, to be put in our cabin on a cruise, and had a couple of scratches just from that.