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Leg Stash?

Has anyone used these type of money belts that wrap around your lower leg? It would seem like more of an option, since I am thinking that a waist belt might become uncomfortable with close fitting tops and jeans.

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Alayna, I've not seen those but I did buy a pair of socks that had a zippered pocket in one. It was small so I only carried a credit card and some Euros but it sure helped.

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I've seen them and they look good, so long as you don't wear them around your ankle, which a theif on the subway who is pretending to tie a shoelace could get at. If worn higher up around the calf they seem OK.

The ones I've seen don't look sufficiant to hold passports, tickets and documents but would be fine for day-to-day money and cards.

I think the trick is to never put all your eggs in one basket and to use a waist belt for all the stuff that would normally be put in a room safe.

Close fitting tops and jeans ????? Those were the days ( sob ) !

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I did use one on a recent trip to France and it worked well. Easy to pull up pants leg when necessary, compared to managing a waist belt.

Adjust one strap to ride above calf and the other lower. This keeps the packet from sliding down to your ankle. I suggest putting your passport in a plastic bag though, to protect it from perspiration. Other than that, I was well pleased.

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I modified one by sewing it into my pant leg using snaps so I could remove it if needed. I sewed additional snaps onto each pant leg of my other pants so it was multi-use and multi-purpose.
I've also recycled the pockets off of Cargo Pants keeping the zipper on the top pocket. Again using the same method described above.

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You might also try having a velcro or zippered pocket sewn into the inside of your jeans. :-)

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When I first started as a tour director I wore one but it kept sliding down my leg.

I switched to the type that attaches to your belt and then tucks between you and your pant leg. Very comfortable but only good if you plan to wear a belt.