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I read this on another site a day ago with no ads, though I couldn't find it to repost. I did try this link and if I continued to scroll through the ad interruptions I could read the entire article. This is also posted on the Times website under a different URL and that does not allow it to be read without making an account.

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Many, if not most, major newspapers are pay-to-read online. It's worth getting a subscription (I literally pay $4 per month annually due to a good deal I got, at most it was $15 per month - still worthwhile). Good journalism is not free. NYT has exceptional coverage and reporting, although obviously focused on major urban/metro centers.

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Another pay to read site.

I'm a subscriber to the NYT, but my understanding is that a nonsubscriber gets a certain number of free articles per month. But maybe that's changed.

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I subscribe to the New York Times [digital], Washington Post [digital], and LA Times [hardcopy.] It's a bit pricey, but It is important to me to support the free press in our country. [I also like reading in-depth articles on a variety of subjects.] We all do our part in our own ways.
Safe and healthy travels, sooner than later, I hope.

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The gist:
from the NYT: "In Munich, residents of 3,000 households chosen at random are being asked to allow monthly blood tests for Covid-19 antibodies for a year. It’s an ambitious study whose central aim is to understand how many people — even those with no symptoms — have already had the virus, a key variable to make decisions about public life in a pandemic."
The idea being that Germany is engaged in widespread testing for antibodies in order to make policy decisions efficiently and safely
Hence the OP's "this shows what is possible with the right mindset"

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The Leader of the Free World, Angela Merkel, does right again.

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Bob, I created a free account years ago. A free account allows you access to limited articles, including the one provided by steven.

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U.K. research so far indicates that those who have tested positive don’t necessarily have antibodies present, so the German research may or may not be useful. All we know is that there’s a long way to go until we have a worldwide solution.