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laundry question

this may sound stupid, but can you use a compact hairdryer to speed up clothes drying?

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Hi Anne, I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it would help some. Good luck.

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I would think this would be very wasteful of energy as well as ineffective unless a very lightweight item -- and then it will dry just fine hung up in the bathroom overnight.
go green.

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Most likely you would burn it out. Most hair dryers are not designed for prolonged useage and the amount of air flow would be ineffective.

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You probably would be able to but, depending on what the fabric is, it may over heat the hairdryer. Also you may end up with a water mark and yes it isn't too "green". If the fabric is light it should work but as one poster has suggested usually hung overnight in the bathroom will do the trick.

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I've done that when in a pinch, like when I have to be at work in 30 min and my work clothes are wet, but it definately takes a while. Not as long as a dryer, but still a while. If there's one article you're trying to dry real quick, then it would work. Otherwise just plan ahead and let them air dry.

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Just back from 3 weeks in Europe. Didn't take a hairdryer along, but one was avail. in most places we stayed (we stayed in apts, hostels and inexpensive pensions). Used a hairdryer twice to aid in drying clothes and while not "green", helped to finish drying a couple items so we didn't have to pack or wear damp clothes. We only took lightweight clothes - some cotton, lots of polyester type blends as they dry more quickly. A few minutes with air going through the pant leg, sleeve or focused on the pockets worked just fine (we never used it for the entire drying job). In a pinch, go for it. And take along a camping clothes line (we got ours at REI) - it was the best item we brought along.

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Don't use the hairdryer most places you go to if you stay at a hotel,pension or bb you can have your clothes washed and ironed inexpessively. They usually charge you per pound please use this service