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Laundermats in “Amercianized

Our tour of Europe is one of those that stays in First Class “americanized" hotels.
I was wondering if anyone knows if they have laundermats (washers/dryers) for guest useage.
If you were staying at a Holiday Inn type in the US, most of them have laundries.

I don’t want to use the valet laundry services as I am allergic to certain ingredients in detergents & fragrances.
I'm thinking it would be nice to wash when we arrive in Italy.
(Note: We booked this before I ever heard of Rick Steve’s tours)

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Sierra, one thing I would like to make you aware of is that washing machines in many European countries incl. BeNeLux, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland (not fully sure about Italy) have several spin cycles and speeds and work different from the average American top loader. American detergents are optimized for use with your machines. If you put "tide" into a European machine you're producing a big foam party if you see what I mean. The manufacturers of the detergents are the same in Europe as they are in the US (Unilver, Johnson & Johnson, Protcer and Gamble etc.) but the detergents are adapted and optimized to the various markets. Check their websites to find a local brand you're not allergic to.

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We have used regular US detergent in European front-loaders, with no problem. BUT, we use about 1/3 the amount we would in a top-loader. That eliminates the "suds party" problem. Correct me if I'm wrong Sierra, but it sounds like you are referring to phelates, a chemical that is added to many detergents to make the fragrances stay in the clothes longer. My father is highly allergic to them, hence my knowledge of them. As far as I know, they are banned in Europe, due to a variety of health concerns. If any of our European friends know, could confirm this? To answer the first question, I would doubt that a Hilton, Hyatt, etc. would have a laundromat. Not with the money that they get for valet service. Your best bet would be to contact the hotel directly, to know for sure.

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I'm just wondering about laundry servies, not concerned on the detergent. I just don't want to send out my clothes or have them dry cleaned.
Cost as well as what they use is a consideration.


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The German hotel and restaurant association (DEHOGA) is the organization which establishes the criteria for and awards stars to hotels in Germany. Their criteria list contains a number of requirements for "valet" clothes cleaning services, but no requirements for quest accessible laundry facilities. People who stay in these first class hotels don't normally do their own laundry.

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I think what the Tour groups are calling First Class equates to Holiday Inn types in the US.
I think many tourists (like us) have splurged to take the tour and are above doing our own laundry.

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Take clothing that can be washed out in the sink and dried overnight i.e. silk, blends are good rather than 100% cotton. Another option is to find a laundry that will usually be able to have your things ready the next day or go to a laundromat where you usually meet interesting people and/or have time to catch up on your journal or post cards or reading. An hour and a half away from your travel partner(s) can also be nice!

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It all varies you will have to check with each hotel.

There are laundromats but few and far between usually in the residential areas not so much in shopping/tourist areas.

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I think you are asking the wrong people. Call or e-mail your travel agent or tour provider and ASK THEM. I agree, in first class some kind of laundry service shoule be available. If I were you, I would take my own detergent or at least make sure that the detergent used meets your needs. In Italy I do my own washing by hand.