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Last Minute travel

How many of us are last minute travelers?

I am embarking on a trip next week that I booked just last month! I can't believe I am being this spontaneous. Now mind you, it is just to one country and one place (Tuscany) with just one hotel. Not a whole lot of moving parts. I have the option to add in some day trips which I am organizing. I have heard people say these are the best trips, no overthinking, just go with the flow (I am such a planner this part freaks me out).

It was a package so I did not even book my own flights, hotel or car....just feels so weird. It just does not feel like a "real" trip since I have not spent months doing research, planning, emailing for reservations, getting online at 2AM to book that thing that we really want to do. And since I did not book everything myself, I am just waiting for that shoe to drop that something is cancelled or delayed. It has just been too easy and that scares me.

I so want to be that person that just finds a deal and takes off!

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I just did my first spontaneous overseas trip w/carry-on only. 8 August I decided to head to Paris & on 29 August I was walking past Notre Dame on my way to dinner at Le Soufflé. Spent a week there, hitting sites I have not been to from previous visits & a day trip to Rouen as well. I used my AMEX points for a Premium Economy Air France flight, booked in an apartment I stayed at before & even charged up my Navigo Decouverte since it expires in 2025. Weather worked out, upper 70s, overcast & misted only once, then in the upper 80s for the last two days w/full sunshine. Did not want to return back home/work.

Enjoy your trip.