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laptop connection in Italy

I would like to bring my laptop on our trip to Italy. Could anyone provide info on what type of connections we would need to gain internet access?

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WiFi will be available - typically Starbucks and McDonald's will offer hot spots.

Beyond that you may want to check where you are staying as to whether there is connection offered.

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Italy is harder to get Wifi access because of security restrictions. Expect to have to provide photo ID to connect.

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thanks for the info...if I can connect at our hotels, will I need a different type of cable, or will the ones we use in the USA work?


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Network cables are pretty standard...the one you use here should work OK. I've never run up against a European hotel that was wired differently. If there is a problem, ask at the front desk for a loaner cable.

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We took our laptop this Italy this past Sept. Our hotel in Venice had Wifi connection in their lobby and gave my husband a password to use from the front desk. In Rome my husband also took it to a local internet cafe and they let him use their cable to connect our laptop to their server. They still charged, but he had prepared what he wanted to email ahead of time in word and then copied and pasted it into his email message. In another town one place let him use their connection for free. Ask the where you are staying at and they will guide you where to go for internet access. I also used the computer to down load digital pictures and video clips. I was not going to take my laptop this trip, but then my husband decided he wanted it. I let him take it in his carry on. I wouldn't leave it laying out in you hotel rooms if you do take it.