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The Milan route does not start until April 15. But they do offer one-way pricing ( half the RT) so that is good.

Aircraft is an A321, smaller than most other transAtlantic planes.

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Did a dummy booking and this was the result.
Interesting pricing

Detailed pricing by Adult
Price (roundtrip)
(Without Taxe)

Passenger civil aviation security service fee (Intl) $5.60
Us various tax $38.20
Us passengers facility charges $4.50
Carrier Imposed surcharge $1,000.00
France civil aviation tax $23.45
France air passenger solidarity tax $8.78
France passenger service charge $31.64
APHIS user fee-passenger $3.96
Us federal inspection fee $7.00
Us customs user fee $6.11
Total of taxes and extra fees $1,129.24
Total for all passengers $2,584.24

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I've read a number of positive reviews about this airline but have yet to experience it. The new aircraft have fully flat beds which is definitely an improvement however the configuration is still an awkward 2/2 one. Apparently drinks are not free flowing like they are in a normal major airline business class and the food is average.

Looking at several example prices they've all come in the same range as business class flights I've purchased during British Airways sales so for me my preference would be to fly BA.

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Keep in mind that they have limited number of flights, so if your flight gets delayed/cancelled, you’re at the mercy of their (very) limited availability.

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Resurrecting this post. I am det to fly over using La Compagnie the 29th and was wondering if anyone else has had the pleasure of using it. I am looking forward to a nicer flight experience. On verra.

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We used them four or five years ago when they were first starting up. It was fine. It was New York to London. The sitting was the old style business class seats. Not the little compartments you total with B class. Sure better than coach. We would fly them again if available.