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L.L. Bean Quickload Travel Pack

Anyone here use the L.L. Bean Quickload Travel Pack? Reviews? Seems like it has everything my current EBags Weekender has but is 1 1/2 pounds lighter--and with European air restrictions getting worse, I'm trying to get lighter.

I already know about the Campmor Outdoor Products Essential Carryon that only weights 1 lb 12 oz. No need to mention it.

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Frank, I found a few reviews on the L.L. Bean site. Have a look at This Link for the details.


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Thanks, Ken. I saw those plus a mixed review in the SF Chronicle a month ago.

I was just wondering if anyone here had any first hand experience with it. I believe it's fairly new.

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It looks good, Frank. I'd be interested in any first-hand experience too.

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The only negative I've read about the bag was a review by John Flinn in the SF Chronicle:

L.L. Bean Quickload Travel Pack: Weighing in at a little over 2 pounds, this is at least a pound lighter than any of the other bags reviewed here. It shaves the weight, though, with a thinner fabric and smaller zippers. It held up fine on a couple of trips I took last year, but I suspect this will be the first of the group to wear out.

Its size and configuration are almost identical to the eBag and Patagonia MLC, although the organizers are in a slit pocket, making them hard to reach. $99 at

The entire article compared travel carry-ons including the RS Bag and the ebags weekender, among others:

Carry-On Bags

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I know this isn't a review for the bag in question, but have you considered the turbo transit book pack LLBean product? It is their toughest book pack, has excellent zippers, strong/real shoulder straps, cordura on the bottom and about the same capacity.

No side carrying strap (I just use one of the shoulder straps), but you get a belt of sorts. It has replaced my eBag Weekender because of the latter's weight and what were to me useless extras.

Several people on this board have used it, with great success. Just a thought.

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After looking at it, I'd still go with the ebags. I think the LL Bean bag is nice looking and decently priced. The lighter weight is tempting.

The ebags advantages are a waste and sternum strap that help a lot when you are carrying the bag more than a few blocks.

I also like the plastic lined organizer pockets on the front of the ebags. It works well for keeping my toiletries, important papers, journal, repair and first aid kit organized, accessable and seperate from my clothes.

The reviews talked about using a shoulder strap. I wouldn't waste the space and weight to bring a shoulder strap for any of the convertibles. When you want to carry it that way, just pull out one backpack strap and sling it over one shoulder.

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Brad....what I was going to do was take the waist strap from the ebags weekender and use it on the L.L. Bean Bag. Plus, I have a Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder strap that is the most comfortable shoulder strap I've ever used. It weighs a whopping 5 ounces.
When using the strap messenger style (across the body) it feels like my bag weighs about 2 pounds. And I rarely use the backpack straps unless walking more than a 1/4 mile or so.)

On the other hand, I wish the "organizers" in the front section of the ebags werent' there so I'd have more room to pack.

Here, you and I have the same bag, but like and dislike completely different things. And there's nothing wrong with it. We both have different priorities for our bags and use them the best way that suits us. (Although I have used one backpack strap around my shoulder on lighter bags such as my daybag.)

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I think that the LL Bean bag is a step in the right direction, although after visiting the website I can see no reason to spend $69 more in order to have a bag that still weighs 1/2# more than the Campmor bag. I used a Campmor bag for my last 2 wk trip in Germany and was thoroughly satisfied. BTW, do the backpack straps on the LL Bean bag stow away?

I do notice that the max dimensions of this bag are over the regulation size for a bag on European airlines. Don't plan on stuffing it; it won't fit into the Lufthansa sizing box.

More importantly, I would be reluctant to invest in any bag that meets the current size regulation. With airlines starting to charge for the first checked bag and passenger trying to avoid that charge by carrying everything on, it is only a matter of time before the overhead bins become inadequate. The obvious solution is for the airlines to decrease the size of carryons. That way people who can't meet the new, smaller size will have to pay to check their bags. So, why invest now in a bag that is already too big?

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The backpack straps do "stow away"

The bag weighs 6 ounces more than the Campmor bag but has 4 external compression straps to make carrying a "not filled to the brim" bag easier.

Not everyone takes Lufthansa. (I have no plans to anytime in the near future.) And the dimensions for Lufthansa are 55cm x 40cm x 20cm which is 21.65 inches x 15.75 inches x 7.875 inches.

The L.L. Bean bag is 21.75 inches so it is .10 of an inch too long (and of course we know we can't scrunch down that much on a softsided bag.)

Both of the bags, yours and the L.L. Bean one are too thick at 9 inches. However...with my exernal compression straps, I can easily bring it down to 7.575 inches.

I have other things I want to say but i will send them in a PM.