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Kindle versions of the guides?

Are the kindle versions of the guidebooks no longer available? I downloaded a sample and can’t seem to purchase.

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I just checked a few--Italy, France and Switzerland--and they are available for kindle purchase. Which one are you trying to buy? Are you trying to buy from the kindle itself? if you are having trouble with the kindle, you might try purchasing via a computer instead. That will put the kindle book in your kindle cloud and you can then go to your kindle and download.

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I am trying to buy the France guide. Thank you. I will try my computer. I was using my phone.

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I have several of the RS guidebooks on my phone, in Kindle format. I don't remember how I downloaded them but don't recall the process being very difficult. I downloaded the Kindle app first. I believe I got them from the Amazon website, and THIS is probably the link that I used.

This version of the Ebook was published in January 2021, and I'm not sure if there's a newer version.

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I have bought Kindle versions of Lonely Planet, partly because of the weight. But I have found that they are not as comprehensive as the original paper editions, and omit some graphic materials. I also found it much harder to mark and re-find something I want to refer to quickly while, say, walking in a foreign city. I haven't used Rick Steves on Kindle yet.

I confess that I do have an old-fashioned preference for paper books, but I'm trying to suggest that the prejudice does not fully account for my dissatisfaction with a Kindle version.