Keeping ipods charged

My fiance and I are spending 66 days backpacking throughout Europe. We are going to be sleeping in hostels and on trains, is it going to be hard to find places to charge our ipods?
Thank you for your Help!

Posted by John
Brangwin, Wa, USA
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I bet you can find plug at lots of train stations. i plugged in to plug at indian airport

Posted by Rita
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I've never had a problem charging in hostels--even in dorm rooms, I always managed to charge my ipod.

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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As long as you can find an electrical outlet, you can charge your ipod. Make sure you have the adapter to fit the outlet in the wall. You can pick up an inexpensive kit at Target, or a local travel store ($25 or less) the iPod's charger is OK for Europe, but you need the plug that goes into the wall socket in Europe to adapt to our US flat prongs.

Posted by Stacy
Seattle, WA, USA
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If you think you'll ever have to worry about access to an outlet, I recommend the battery chargers offered for the Ipod as well. I got one for a week stay in the Yukon Wilderness, and one round of batteries for the charger lasted me almost the entire time.

Posted by Tamara
Ferndale, Wa, USA
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Thanks everybody, I really appreciate your responses!