Kansas City Area Group Meeting Saturday 12/15/ 10 AM

Since Christmas time is always a good time to visit The Plaza we will plan on meeting as usual. Panera Bread 47th and Pennsylvania
10 AM We had one new person last month. Hope others will feel like joining us for a little travel conversation. Who is planning on attending?

Posted by Alexander
Manhattan, KS
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Shoot! I leave town that day to go back home for my Christmas break! I'd love to meet you all sometime!

Posted by Stacey
Kansas City
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I will be there. I had a great time last month. Too bad it won't be dark to see all of the lights, but I agree, Christmas time is a good time to be at the Plaza.

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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If you guys promise to meet at Classic Cup, I may come down and join you! :)

Posted by Robert
Liberty, Missouri
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Michael: If you come all the from Des Moines to attend our little get together we would probably join you in a post meeting cup. The Franchise Agreement I signed and the Franchise Fee I pay to the Denver group requires a Panera meeting location for the 1st year. :-) Are there any other newbies out there who might like to join us on Saturday?

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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Did Frank sucker you into a franchise agreement? How much did he make you pay? :-)

Posted by kat
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I will be with the Sacramento group then, but my heart will be on The Plaza. I used to live on The Plaza...nothing prettier than the Christmas lights there.

Posted by Robert
Liberty, Missouri
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Dec 15th KC Meeting RECAP We had 7 in attendance today. 6 regulars and one newbie who was brought along by one of the regulars. Another person who wanted to attend (Alexander from Manhattan KS) was heading home from K-State today. From some of his other posts I have determined that he has "couch surfed". I told him in a private message that if he is able to attend in January we will let him give us details about this form of travel. I will confirm this and post it in the pre meeting anouncement. Next meeting Saturday January 19th. We may also talk about moving the location closer to where all 7 of today's attendees live. We need more people from South of the River and West of the state line to start attending. Come on guys are you out there???? How was the first meeting in St Louis today?