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Just for fun - Mercury in Retrograde.....ever consider this when planning travel?

My husband and I were reading a short real estate related piece in The Wall Street Journal focused on how some clients are concerned not to conduct transactions when "Mercury is in retrograde." Huh? Maybe we were just clueless, but we had never heard of Mercury being in, of course, I Googled.

The piece we read:

Some info from Googling:

The question is: Does anyone consider this when planning travel? Any noteworthy travel issues that arose while Mercury was in retrograde?

(I am kiddingly tempted to see if Mercury was in retrograde when a small ship cruise we took several years ago thru the Canadian east coast abruptly ended halfway, and the company ultimately went bankrupt. But, praises to TravelGuard, which saved the day for us and helped us avoid a (what turned out to be a miserable, we learned from others ) 10+ hour bus ride back to Portland.

I never knew Mercury being in retrograde was "a thing."

Great post! I never do consider this when booking travel, but maybe I should. I did know it was a thing.
I see current Mercury Retrograde ends about 10/1 or 10/2. I'm flying out around that time, so hopefully effects on travel will be minimal.

A very quick Google says Mercury was in Retrograde day of Titanic sinking. I can't say I truly verified this though.

Glad your insurance helped on Canadian cruise.

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Well, based on your screen name, you are likely to have clear skies, your plane will arrive at its destination early, and you will have a surprise upgrade in airline seats or accommodations at your overnights. Happy and safe travels!

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i don't pay attention to supernatural phenomena when making travel or for that matter any other plan! however, especially in the culture i am from, elaborate rituals are somewhat common before embarking on a variety of activities including travel.

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Hey, I am still waiting in Dallas for JFK Jr to show up. Now you complicate things with this Mercury Retrograde stuff.
What’s a guy to do?

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We all want to avoid crowds so maybe next time we should check for that.

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Throw in the conjunction of Venus and Mars at the same time and I'm heading for the bunker ...

I am still waiting in Dallas for JFK Jr to show up

Hey treemoss, I hear he'll be at the opening of the State Fair of Texas next weekend chowing down on Fletcher's Corny Dogs ...