Itinerary review - May 2013 Lisbon to Munich

Hi all. Here we go; see what you think. May 10 - Overnight flight from Newark to Lisbon May 14 - Early morning Easyjet to Madrid May 17 - Train from Madrid to Barcelona May 21 - Mid-day Easyjet to Basel, rent car tour Route du Vin May 23 - Train from Strasbourg, France to Murren, Switzerland May 27 - Train from Murren to Fussen, Germany to see the castles May 28 - Tour castles, late train to Munich June 1 - Flight back to Newark

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Hey, you're from our city. I'm a Voorhees. Have you considered flying from Barcelona to Munich on Vueling, and picking up a rental car there? Vueling's a very good budget airline. From Munich, you could easily get down to Fussen in about 75 miles. You could easily go west to Switzerland or East to Southern Bavaria and the Tirolean region of Austria. I suggest not going thru Basel because returning a rental car in the same place will be much more economical.
Traveling out of Munich is just much easier than going out of Basel.

Posted by Kathy
Germany, Germany
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You're backtracking and wasting time going from Basel to Strasbourg to Lauterbrunnen valley. You could fly from Barcelona to Zurich, drive through Lucerne (stop a night or two), then on to Lauterbrunnen, thereby leaving out Alsace. Or you can fly as you wanted to Basel, travel by car north through Alsace, then take the train from Strasbourg to Munich and cut out Switzerland. It'll be a whole day (I'm guessing 6-9 hours) on a train from Strasbourg to Lauterbrunnen valley and then from there to Fuessen another 8-9 train hours also. Another option is fly from Barcelona to Strasbourg, then drive south through Alsace to Lauterbrunnen, then drive to Munich, dropping the car there. Rethink some of those legs and look at the train schedules to try to streamline.

Posted by Adam
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I think this is pretty well thought out. There is a little backtracking of course but you have to go with where the airports are. If these are the dots you want to connect this is not a bad way to do it. One small thing: Since you have a car for the Route de Vin I would not stay in Strasbourg (if that is your plan) but a smaller town. Be sure to rent on the French side of the border for this plan.

Posted by Jeffrey
Voorheesville, New York, United States
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Kathy, from, I only show a 5 hour train ride from Stasbourg to Murren. Adam, yes we're staying in Eguisheim and Riqwhir during our days on the Route Du Vin. The backtracking is due to not being able to find a good flight from Barcelona to Strasbourg but could to Basel (and we are renting on the French side). Thanks to both for the feedback.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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I think it's pretty good. The drive from Basel to the Route Des Vin is not very far. When driving to Colmar from Germany I made a wrong turn and almost ended up in Switzerland. I wasn't far from Basel. So that gives you an idea how close is it.

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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For an overnight, you might want to consider Colmar rather than Strasbourg. It's a charming town, very walkable, and I think its Unterlinden Museum is one of the best small museums in Europe.