Itinerary help?

I will be in Europe for two months this summer and think I have planned everything, but is there anything you suggest I should change or anywhere else I should visit? Only thing booked so far is our flight to and from florence to Los Angeles. I'm going with my friend and it is our first time in Europe and we are both young. We added places to visit based on parties, but we also want to see more of Europe like Lucca and Bern if that helps give you an idea...

June 7-27: study abroad in florence with trips to cinque terre, Lucca, Siena, Venice, etc
June 27-July 4: Switzerland; interlaken and bern
July 5-13: Croatia for Yacht Week and Ultra Europe
July 13-21: Paris
July 21-26: Barcelona and ibiza
July 27: fly back to florence

Do you think this is enough time for each place? This was the best we could think of using easyjet and weekend trips with bus2alps. Any info/insight is very much appreciated to help save money, thanks!!

Also what do you think would be the best way to travel to each place?
So far we found a flight from split to Paris, then Paris to ibiza, then ibiza to Rome. (3 flights for $275 per person) We are thinking of flying roundtrip to barcelona from ibiza and back? ($175pp) Because easyjet only flies to ibiza. Then fly to Rome and take a train back to florence. Does this make sense? Logically and economically..

Posted by Emma
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Glad to see that you're giving each region a fair amount of time. Flying is best for all these international connections. Vueling airline also has competitive fares and a direct flight from Ibiza to Rome (found for $68 at I hope you have time for a couple of days in Rome, too. In that case, you might be able to commit to a Rome-Florence train ticket with advance discount that you buy in Florence. If you're just flying into Rome and taking the train to Florence on the same day, then plan to buy the train ticket on the spot (in case of flight delays).

Posted by Ilja
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I hope you like heat and you live in some hot area of the US so you are used to it. Air-conditioning is not as good there as here. In July Italy, Spain, Croatia are very hot and Paris has also heat waves. The Alps are usually pleasant in summer.

Posted by Anita
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So nice to see someone who is not sprinting through Europe, checking off cities as they go! This is a great'll get to know each place a bit and explore. Your flight plan seems reasonable as well...flying is so much faster saving you time. Every penny you spend on this is worth it!