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itinerary check and train help

Please comment on the following plan for my family of 5-mom, dad, kids ages 12, 14, and 18:

16 May: travel day
17/18 May: London
19 May: easyjet to Venice
19-23 May: spend time visiting family in Vicenza
24 May: take train to Adelboden
24-26 May: visit Girl Scout "Our Chalet" in Adelboden
27 May: train to Zurich; fly home

Our dates are flexible; I haven't bought the air tickets yet. Husband wants to skip London and fly directly to Venice. The kids and I want to go see major sights in London. We would stay at Girl Scout's "Pax Lodge." If we skipped London, thought, it would give us more time in Vicenza area and Switzerland. How much is too much?

Also, I've done well checking fares with skyscanner and kayak, but haven't been able to navigate the train fares on the bahn site. I tried plugging in dates in the next few months to get an idea of fares, but haven't been able to see them. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Thanks for your quick reply, Steve! I'm sorry my schedule was so bunched up-that's not how it looked when I typed it.

Yes, I think maybe we should save London for another trip and just concentrate on Italy and a little of Switzerland this time.

I printed out the railmap and am looking at it, but I'm having a hard time picking out the route. I'll keep at it...

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The map is great and I will read more on seat61, but I want to go from Vicenza, Italy to Adelboden, Switzerland, then later from Adelboden to Zurich. I have been able to get a breakdown of the first trip on; it is Vicenza to Brig, Brig to Frutigen, Frutigen to Adelboden, about a 6 hour trip. Still can't see fares. None of these stations are on the time and cost map. I don't think we want a sleeper or tgv; just a regular commuter train will be fine. I'll keep reading and looking...

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The DB site only shows fares for routes that are within Germany and for legs that either start or end in Germany.

As Steve suggested, use the Swiss Rail site for Vicenza-Adelboden.

The Swiss Rail site lists a 2nd class fare of 71.20 CHF for Adelboden-Zuerich.

New timetables will go into effect throughout most of Europe on 13 December. There may be fare increases on your routes as of that date.

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Okay, I was able to use the Swiss Rail site and see that the Vicenza-Adelboden fare for our family would be ~$500, the Adelboden-Vicenza would be somewhat less. Maybe the railpass isn't as expensive as I thought, or will it be cheaper to purchase tickets point-to-point once we get there? I think I may need to take a break from this for a while-my head is spinning...

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London is a must see city. I have been staying at Pax Lodge for the past month (I am from the States) and I have loved every minute of it. London is one of the best cities in the world and it's a great place for family trips. Pax Lodge is also helpful when it comes to budgeting and the staff is really friendly and helpful when deciding what sites to see.

I have been to Kanderstag in Switerzerland and Italy as well. Both have such a rich history and breath-taking scenery. Make sure the kids get a chance to go tobogganing in Switzerland! They will love it. I think that London has more excitement to offer your three kids, so if you can afford it and have the time I would try and make a few extra days for London. Enjoy your trip!

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Thank you Lindsey! I'm glad to hear from someone who has stayed at a GS world center. I have been told that Pax Lodge is very close to a tube station? Have you ever stayed at Our Chalet? Thanks for sharing.