We are flying into Paris on June 28, 2013 and flying out of Madrid on July 28, 2013. We bought Eurorail passes for 10 days of travel. We want to visit Paris, Bordeaux, Logorno, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville and Madrid. Itinerary is flexible. We are looking for ideas and what to see at these locations and suggestions for other areas we don't know about. Thanks, Michael

Posted by Eileen
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Michael, have you purchased any type of guidebook yet? I highly suggest doing so...I recommend RS' books, especially if this is your first European trip (or first independent/non-tour trip). You'll get info on such things as what days the museums are closed in each city and their operating hours, which sites require advance reservations, etc., and I can't give that kind of all-encompassing info in this little space. I also don't know if you have been to any of these places before, nor who is in your party and their ages and physical abilities. I DO recommend visiting museums, even if you 'aren't museum people' - European museums are a far cry from what most Americans get to experience! Have you seen "Rick Steves' Europe" TV programs? If not, or if you'd like to watch them again, click on "TV" at the top of this page, then go to either Hulu, YouTube, or iTunes to watch them (or Netflix, or your library). Hulu allows you to watch entire episodes; the others are split into segments. You can also watch his new 3-part series on Travel Skills on Hulu. It's really difficult to give suggestions on where to go and what to see - perhaps you could start with my ideas above and maybe you can narrow down your interests (and those of your travel party). I hope to hear back from you...!

Posted by Frank
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Interesting that you bought a rail pass without any idea of your travel schedule. Sometimes it is very difficult to make a rail pass cost effective unless taking many long train trips. You must some idea of how you intend to string these locations together.