Italy bulgaria and open jaw tickets

Hello! My fiancé and I are trying desperately to book our honeymoon today :). We would like to spend approx. 2.5 weeks in Italy. We also have a commitment in Bulgaria at the end of June. Any recommendations for how to maximize this with an itinerary for both, including tips on open jaw techniques? We were generally thinking of starting in Rome and then going to Amalfi. Then from there going to either Abruzzo or Puglia, Umbria, Florence and Venice. Trying to cover the basics, while also get some off the beaten track experiences. We were also considering doing a substantial amount by rental car in case folks have input on that ( eg been told Amalfi is not a great idea, but umbria its necc.) Any help on any of this would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Frank
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Not sure what you are asking. You do open jaw by flying into Rome and home from Milan or Venice under a multi-city ticket. Easy and often cheaper than some RT tickets. Put pins in a map and arrange your trip is as straight line as possible. For the places you list a car would be more of an expensive problem than using the train. If you need a car for a day or two then rent for a day but in Florence, Rome, etc. you could get some very expensive TLZ tickets about a year after you return from Italy. In Venice it is a double problem as you pay for a car to sit in an expensive parking garage.

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You can look at prices using the multi-city function on Kayak or ITA matrix. Putting Bulgaria in the mix might bring Turkish airlines into play, a good option.

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If you are asking what I think you are asking (and I agree it's not clear), you want to go to Italy, spend 2.5 weeks, then go to Bulgaria, then come back to the US. If that's what you want, you need to start by figuring out where in Bulgaria you will fly to. Then go to the Wikipedia page for that airport, and see which cities in Italy have service to it. Then, you can start to plan an Italy itinerary. For instance, if you need to fly from Rome to Sofia, and there are no other nonstops from other Italian cities (I'm just making this up as an example), you will want to start in northern Ialy and work south to end your Italy trip in Rome. If, on the other hand, the only flight from Italy to Sofia is out of Milan, you will want to work your way north. To find open jaw flights, use the "multi city" option on To find flights within Europe (on both budget airlines and "legacy" carriers like Alitalia), use