We'll be in the tuscany area the end of nov. Don't have a specific itinery so haven't made hotel reservation. Is there a site for hotels,pensioniesetc.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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diane, I'd suggest having a look at the Italy 2012 Guidebook, as that will provide not only good information on hotels and other accommodations, but also sightseeing and transportation information. You should be able to find a copy at your local Library or larger book stores. You can also download E-book versions if preferred. Happy travels!

Posted by Charlie
Honolulu/Seattle, HI/WA, USA
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Go to another section of this web site where guide books are listed and click on Italy. Numerous books are listed there. Pick out the one that covers the area you will be visiting and order it if you can not find a copy of it in your local library or book store. It is getting late to make some hotel reservations for late November.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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You can also go to and peruse the areas you will be traveling to. I use it frequently and by having all my reservations in one place it is easier to cancel or change if I find something better. I have used them many times with no issues. Or, given the time you are traveling you can probably just drive (if you have a car) find a town that looks interesting and get a room. Should not be much of a problem in Nov.

Posted by Lesley
Sidney, BC, Canada
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I like for booking hotels in Italy - they have a neat point and click feature on map of cities so you can easily pick your preferred district. Of course you have to know what town or city you want to stay at.

Posted by Susan and Monte
Granite Bay, CA
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I use trip advisor to find the accommodations, then I book directly with the hotel. It is nice to see the reviews, pictures etc. before booking.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Diane, if post this question at "To the Boot", you'll get more responses. I also prefer, usually for reservations but I find it's a good research tool as well, lots of photos and reviews by guests who've recently stayed at their hotels.

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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Another vote for If you use a third party booking, you risk loosing money if you have to change your reservation. With you book directly with the hotel and it's easier to change. End of November there is a great chance you can just walk into a hotel and get a room! My friend is leaving for Italy next week and has only booked the first and last night hotel (both in Florence, since they are flying into and out of Florence) The rest of the 10 day trip, it's catch as catch can. They have a rental car and don't have a solid plan, they want their mood to direct them.