Italian speaking Travel Guide

Dear Mr. Steves I live in Bavaria. I am looking for a private Italian speaking travel guide to explore areas in Bavaria and Austria with. I would prefer an Italian speaker who also speaks English. I have Italian friends coming to visit me who do not speak English and only speak Italian.
I speak English and not Italian. Thanks, Lizzy

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Elizabeth, Your situation prompts a question - how do you communicate with your friends if you don't speak Italian and they don't speak English? It could be a bit challenging to find a Guide that has time available to explore Bavaria and Austria with. The only suggestion that comes to mind at the moment would be to contact Berlitz or one of the other language schools in Munich as they may have a student that's able to function in both English and Italian. Classes should be adjourning for the summer soon, and the student might appreciate a bit of extra income. This endeavour probably won't be cheap, as on a multi-day trip, you'd have to pay for the Guides hotel and expenses too. Good luck!

Posted by Elizabeth
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I usually am with a Priest friend of mine who interprets for me. He is unable to come on this trip so I am left without an interpreter. Thanks for you help. Lizzy

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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I suggest posting an ad on Toytown Germany. This is an English speaking website for people who live in Germany, but there are plenty of people on there that speak other languages too. You might be able to find a guide that speaks both languages. A private guide is going to be very expensive though, on a daily basis.