istanbul safety

My wife and I were planning a trip to Istanbul this fall...but the political upheaval has made us reluctant. Has anyone been to Istanbul lately? Any suggestions regarding the troubles and travel there would be appreciated.

Posted by Marie
Istanbul, Turkey
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I've been in Istanbul since June and honestly, unless you deliberately go to where the protests are, it's hardly noticeable. The only reason why I've had it affect me is because I haven't been able to go to Taksim or Gezi Park, both of which have normally been large tourist hubs. Otherwise, like anywhere else in Europe, if you exercise good caution you hardly notice any of the protests. Istanbul is a great city to visit and in the fall the weather will be much better (right now it's hot and humid), so it'll be much more enjoyable.

Posted by Dennis
Redmond, WA
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See the posts under turkey in "to the east" in the helpline. I've posted a reply there to a similar query. We're in week 4 of 5 in Istanbul and everything is fine here. You'll have a safe and wonderful time.

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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Was there as a chaperone to high school students in June when the protests began. We never saw or noticed anything unsafe at all. Parents back home were quite disturbed because the media was showing them what appeared to be the entire city of Istanbul as a bed of civil unrest. Not true.