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Is Rome really that hot????

I am taking my son on a pre-graduation trip to London and Rome May/June 2009. I have been following this site for well over a year. Everyones opinions and suggestions have been extremely helpful and has given me a dose of reality. (Our 3 country, 5 city, 2 weeks vacation is now 2 countries, 2 city,2 week vacation). But I do have to say, all the posts of how miserable Rome is in Summer with the heat has me worried. Is it really that hot? I have lived in Phoenix for the past 6 years, where it has been over 110 for weeks and probably next 3 months. Ugh! High of 85 doesn't sound that bad. I know Phoenix is a "Dry Heat" and Rome will be humid. Just want to ask anyone familiar with AZ heat, how does Rome compare? I am also worried looking like a "silly American" wearing sweaters when cold when drops in the 70's a night while everyone running around in t-shirts and shorts. Besides lower standards in A/C, what do I have to look forward to?

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I'm sure many people here can give a good answer, but I want to say, if Rome is very hot in November, I can only imagine how hot it is in the summer! My parents lived in Rome, and they tell me it's hot like Texas!
But don't worry too much about it. My son and his wife were in Rome in the summer, and they loved it! But it rained a lot when they were there and brought some relief.
Happy Travels!

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Kristen - I been to Phoenix and few times and can even remember playing tennis in 100+ degree weather. Rome is a different kind of heat - almost oppressive. It's heavy, humid, and sometimes a very still heat. so it feels EVEN hotter. I would NOT even consider playing tennis here lately!

May/June will USUALLY be in the low 80's. At night many people wear light sweaters, etc. Romans wear jackets even when it's 95'... so you will not look out of place with a light sweater at night!


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May/June should be a pretty good time to visit.

The stories you hear are from July/August visitors.

One difference between Rome and Phoenix, the nights won't cool down as quickly or as much. Pheonix can drop from 110 to 60's or below at night (especially out in the dessert), Rome will be 88 in the day, 78 when you are eating a late dinner and 72 at midnight.

I'm a happy shoulder season traveler when I can help it. I visited Rome in October and November. It was comfortable when I was there (light rain only one evening). Even at that time of year, you can see how it would be miserable in the heat of the summer (especially with the crowds).

You don't have to worry about everyone running around in t-shirts and shorts. Local adult men's casual wear is button up shirts and long pants. Adult women wear an assortment of skirts, dresses, slacks, capris with tops and sweaters. Younger people are the only locals likely to dress more casually.

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Kristen, I was in Rome May/June 2007 and I thought it was hot, and I live in a hot and humid state. We were in an air conditioned hotel but they refused to turn it on until June 1, the day we left. We had to sleep with the windows open and it was still hard to cool off. Be sure your air conditioned hotel will actually turn on the air while you are there.

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Kristin, I just got back from two weeks in Italy and it seemed to be a little warmer than usual, but Rome was HOT. I think because all of the sidewalks and roads are black, they absorb the heat. At places like the Forum where there is little shade, we were melting. You would lean against something to relax and the stone steps and buildings we feel like they were cooking you.

Carry water, cover your head, and enjoy.

Oh, and I frequently had a cardigan on at night in other parts of italy and didn't get any bizzare stares.

Also, no ice. Not in hotels, not at restaurants. We didn't mind it on our trip, but we found when we got home we couldn't wait for a big glass of ice!

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We all have our stories. We also listened to all the tales about how hot Rome can be. Two years ago during the first week of June I thought we were going to freeze to death. (Maybe not that cold) But it was so cold one night that the sidewalk cafes did not even open. Normal we are well prepared with a good variety of clothing for all weather but skipped the long sleeve shirt and light sweater which we always pack even for summer travel. We had on all of our short sleeve shirts, and rain jackets trying to keep warm. Last year during the middle of June we had our long sleeves and sweater and, of course, didn't need it. It was hot and humid so matched our expectations for discomfort.

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Thank you for your replys. Guess we just have to grin and bear it. Will not stop us from visiting. Just have to prepare ourselves. I will definitely make sure that Hotel has A/C.

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Our days in Rome, late June, were hot and humid, mid 90's, just like here in SE Texas, and we very much glistened as we toured the Colosseum, Forum, and walked the streets. The RS Hotel Selene we stayed in did have comfortable AC. I suspect May/June would be much nicer.