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ipod cable

Unfortunately, the airline lost my luggage and I had my iPod charging cable in it - anyone know where in Barceolna, Rome, Florence, Venice I might be able to get a replacement?


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I looked on the Apple website for any European Apple retail stores and there is one in Rome in the Roma Est mall - check here -

Other than England, it is the only Apple store in Europe.

Check with your hotel - they may know where to get one locally.

You might also try at the main train stations in those cities - I was able to replace a plug adapter that I had left in another city.

Good luck!

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Check any of those fly by night electronic stores all over the cities. You know the ones with the 800 devices in the windows. They usually don't show the ipods to the street since they are not usually apple authorized to see them but if you go in and ask for a cable they probably will find one for you fairly quickly. Maybe told $35 for the cable but you could negotiate that.

I was in Athens and needed a charger for my cell phone. Found a true cell phone store and they wanted $80, went to just a random electronics store and they had the Nokia charger for $40 and a generic charger for $10. I am still using the generic today.

Just have to ask.