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International Phone Card

My wife and I leave for Prague,Krakow,Budapest, Ljubljana, Bled, Plitvice, Split,Korcula, Dubrovnik next week, what card is simple throughout, we will only use to call ahead to confirm room reservations, thanks, Mike

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A friend was in Germany a few months ago. She said the only people on her tour that could use their phones had T-Mobile. Don't know if it's the same for Eastern Europe, but you can check with them.

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I went on ebay and got an un-locked tri band phone and a SIM card was able to use the phone all over Europe (ie: italy, germany, france and england).

The phone I got was a panasonic G51 and an Orange brand sim card. There's other brands at each country, like Vodafone is a popular one. And you can swap out the sim card as easy as you can pop out a battery on a walkman!

The convenience stores have a way of topping up your prepaid sim card, or, key in a code on your phone and if its linked to a credit card you can top up that way.

Its so easy and convenient, much better than a phone card. Plus its easy to call home. I think from the UK to the US it cost me 20p a minute to cal home.

Remember, the phone must be unlocked and must have the correct band to use in Europe. If you use a tri band, or better yet a quad band, it should work.

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Check out We got a phone from them several years ago for less than $50. It only works in Europe (there's another one for $99 that works both here and there - and further afield). We pay $1.25 - $1.75 per minute for most calls (within countries and home), but rarely have more than $30 - $40 on our bill when we get home after 4 + weeks (we don't use it a lot). SIM cards can cost more than that and you need one for each country. Mobal doesn't charge any monthly fee, just the cost of the calls. It's been a great purchase for us.