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Interchanging Trains in Belgium

I (a vaccinated US citizen) am planning on taking a train from London to Frankfurt, which involves interchanging trains in Brussels. Will this be considered entering Belgium? I'm wondering if I will need to follow entry requirements for Belgium or just Germany.

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I'm waiting for someone else to chime in on this, but from what I have already read on this site, you will probably go through EU immigration before you leave St. Pancras station for the continent, so when you arrive in Brussels, you will already be cleared for anywhere in Schengen.

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I don't believe the question is about immigration, it is about covid.

Unless they have changed the rules (quite possible) in the last week, you are allowed to transit Belgium for 24 hours before the quite difficult rules kick in.

You should know that Belgium and Germany have really awful covid numbers at the moment and there are new rules in Germany. Belgium is contemplating changes but I haven't seen them yet.

When is your trip?