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Insect Repellant?

We are planning to visit Germany, Switzerland and Austria next September. Has anyone felt any need to take insect repellant for such a trip?


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You can buy insect repellent in Europe if you need it.

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I've been there in September and never felt I needed insect repellant. By September the nights are cooler and the bug populations decrease. If you happen to be there in a particularly warm September, you can pick up some bug repellant there.

In Italy, I've had mosquitoes in September and October. If anyone is going there, packing some repellant may be a good idea.

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No, I would not bring any. First , you are not going to Italy, where I have heard of mosquitos in some places like Venice( although while there this past summer we never noticed any) . And second , , if you need it they will have it. Why pack something you will likely not need, and can be purchased there easiliy if you do need it. ( as noted the cooler evenings will kill any bugs anyways)

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The only places in Europe where I've run into mosquitos or rather the European equivalent were first on Paros in Greece and then the midges in the Highlands of Scotland. Not a problem otherwise. Get midgie hat if you head north to walk in the highlands! Pam

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I see no need to pack repellant - however, I have a friend from Spain and she brought back to the US these bug repellant "patches". A lot like the sea sickness patches. They release something into your blood the bugs don't like and they work AWESOME!! Maybe they are available in the US, but I have never seen them. I suggest if you find yourself needing any - pick those up in Europe and stock some to bring home. :)

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We were just in Amsterdam 3 weeks ago (have to go home from Paris tomorrow, so sad) and we got attacked by mosquitoes in our hotel room as we slept with the windows open. Normally I don't get bit too much but I got a few those few days! There were a few in Germany later in the week as well. Don't expect them all to be gone by September in that region. My wife really wanted a small can of spray because she hates mosquitoes but she managed to survived without it...

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You can get little packets of disposable wipes impregnated with insect repellent. I also pack a few, since they take up no room and they will make a miserable hike much nicer. In the rare instances I've needed serious amounts of the stuff--once in Taiwan, actually--I get a can of the stuff once I know I need it. The wipes are good for the unexpected infestation.

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I bought a small insect repellant from Avon, I think it was around 3 oz. (don't remember as I loaned it out and it didn't come back). I like to sleep with the windows open, so our Austrian friend said to bring it along (October) because we were staying near the lakes. Her friends the year before needed it, I did not. Never had a problem in Switzerland or Germany.

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If you decide to take a repellant, the best there is (whole hearted endorsement here) is 3M Ultrathon, available in a 2oz tube, and is effective for up to 12 hours... I will attest to 8 hour effectiveness in one application. This was developed originally for DOD, and works because the Deet is released slowly over an extended period. Great stuff (did I say that already?)