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In defense of being a Tourist

I gifted all my close friends at RS Travel forum a WaPo article. Essentially it's "OK" to enjoy a tourist trap. We got suckered into one in Rome. We laugh about it now. It was a great spot too...right on a square with lots of kids horsing around and enjoying an Aperol Spritz

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"All enthusiasm, no shame" might be my new travel motto. Lol. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks, Mark McG. I agree: all enthusiasm, no shame.

Our first trip to Italy was courtesy of my sister, who, along with her business partner had rented a villa in Positano for a month. When I mentioned one day that Stan and I were taking the ferry to Capri, she shuddered. “But it will be crowded with tourists.”

I assured her that we were indeed tourists, and would be fine. And we were. She and her then-fiance rented a private boat to go to Capri; Stan and I took the almost empty ferry, and had a wonderful time.

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Thanks for sharing! All enthusiasm, no shame is perfect!!

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We have lived overseas for several years as well as travelled to all the continents expect Antartica.
Yes, even the tourist traps are good to see. We did the Blarney Stone and glad we did.

Some people on this forum think the Sistine Chapel is a tourist trap. To me it was fantastic and fortunately, I went when you could stay as long as you liked. I sat on the floor with my 8 year old son and we talked about all the frescoes. He was in awe of it as well as I.