Importing liquor to Italy

We are going to Italy to visit a WW II memorial for an uncle, from KY, that was killed liberating this small town, we wanted to bring some KY bourbon for the dignitaries but i am not sure if there will be a problem getting the liquor TO Italy. I know we must pack in checked bag,is this going to be an issue?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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If you are talking about a bottle or two, I would not worry. Just walk through the nothing to declare line.

Posted by Robert
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I'm sure Italy is like France in this regard. As long as you don't try to bring in crates of the stuff, whether food or alcohol, they don't care. They understand the importance of interesting food and alcoholic products. Your biggest worry might be the Italian Customs inspectors wanting to confiscate it for themselves. It sounds like a fabulous gift for that occasion. I think they might be so appreciative they'll make you an honorary Italian citizen.

Posted by Mark
Berlin, Germany
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You can bring one (1) liter of liquor with more than 22% alcohol by volume into the EU without paying custom dues. If you bring more you'll have to declare it (red line) and pay dues (around 7 euro per liter I think, but don't count on that info) for all of it.

Posted by Janet
Nashville, Tn
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Thanks for the info! I am only planning on bringing 3 bottles so I guess/hope I will just walk through! We shall see!! Thanks again