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I'll be visiting these places end of August to begining of Sept (if I make my reservation by tomorrow). Are they worthwhile seeing?

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Hi Rita,

I haven't been to Greenland, Newfoundland or Norway so I can't give any advice on those countries but I did visit Iceland in 2003 and would say yes, Iceland is definitely worth a visit. Iceland is probably not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of where to go on vacation but I went with a social group I used to belong to in New York city (so they picked the destination, not me) and it seemed like a good place for something "a bit different".

Anyway, I didn't regret my decision to go. The people were friendly, polite and there was absolutely no language barrier. Reykjavik was a clean, compact and nice city to visit and most of the scenery on our daily excursions (out of the city) was beautiful. Things can be a bit pricey but a bit of planning can account for that I suppose.

And yes, one really CAN swim outdoors in 35 degree weather without getting pneumonia :). Try the heated pools... they're wonderful.

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Thanks for the response! I've decided to go.........really looking forward to it.

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The only country you've listed that I've been to is Norway, and although it was 20 years ago, it was such a breathtakingly beautiful country. The fjords blew me away!! I did a brief high-school exchange program for 5 weeks and lived with a family on a small island off the coast of the town of Alesund. It was wonderful!!

Only drawback is that it was expensive then (and probably is still expensive) but absolutely worth a visit.