I Pad Sim Card

Most of posting have been older, so .. Best way/place to buy a sim card to use for Italy -- the only country we will be traveling to. Thanks much !

Posted by Mike
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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I would like to know as well. I will be traveling to Italy in the first week of October. I have an unlocked mobile phone. But was curious as well if I can use a "local" sim card with my AT&T iPad. So where is the best place to purchase a local sim card for mobile use? And do they have nano sized sim cards over there? I currently have an iPhone 5/ TIA Mike

Posted by Dianne
Chicago, il, usa
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I have had no replies. Still wanting to know if I can get a sim card for my Ipad. Hope we get a reply :) Dianne p.s. I also want to get a sim card for my samsung phone -- am thinking that is fairly easy.

Posted by Lee
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I suggest you search the Trip Advisor Rome forum or post your question there. This subject come up fairly regularly there. Prepaid data seems to be fairly cheap in Italy.