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I have not heard from my Hotel in Paris re: my cancellation

Does any one know how long I should wait before I contact the hotel I have reservations at in Paris regarding my reservation cancellation? I booked the hotel, I changed my plans and wrote twice to cancel, but have not heard back. I will call them directly if needed, but i'm just wondering if I should give them a few more days. I will be arriving in Paris on 9/6/07, and it's been 4 days since they confirmed my stay. I'm running out of time...any ideas? By the way, the Hotel is "The Grand Hotel Leveque"

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this happened to me in England once and I never did get a refund, they said they never got my information and charged me anyway. I had emailed them. good luck!

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I would suggest you call your credit card company and request they not honor any payments to that particular hotel within the next 6 months. I had a charge come in 3 months after we left Europe from a hotel I also had cancelled a reservation. I had an email cancelling the reservation in plenty of time too.

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If you DO call them, I would also have them fax or email you a confirmation you cancelled or definitely get a name you spoke to. In addition you can mail, email or fax a letter reconfirming you spoke to that person, cancel # and date.

Never assume anything.

Best of luck, and as one person posted, advise your credit card company you are not authorizing anythign from that hotel

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Thank you all who responded to my post. I have written the hotel directly (via snail mail)and the idea of contacting my credit card was great. I will be doing this asap. Thanks again for all of your suggestions and for your support.

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I canceled a reservation by email at Grand Lévêque for an April, '06 trip and never had any problems.