I have insurance but bought travelers insurance too. I have a question.

I have coverage overseas in case something goes wrong when I am in Spain (I leave today, yay!) but I also bought travelers insurance just for extra coverage and a piece of mind.
In the event that something goes wrong, healthwise, am I better to use my normal coverage (buy upfront, get refunded later) or use the Amex Travel insurance? Is it the same deal with travel insurance, pay upfront, refund later? There wasn't much info provided on what to do except to call a number to make a claim?

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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You paid extra for trip insurance, so use that first if God forbid something happens. Use your regular insurance after....as always, when you use your personal regular insurance, the rates might go up.... Each policy is different, you should call customer service at AMEX travel with your specific questions. Get a name of the agent, just in case... Enjoy your travels.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Read the fine print of your travel insurance. It will most likely outline whether your insurance is primary or secondary coverage. Whichever policy is primary will pay first, then the secondary will pick up the difference. Abroad, you will most likely have to pay upfront and get reimbursed, but not always.

Posted by Jeff
Bend, OR, United States
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I have always believed that if you pay for two policies you should be able to collect from both companies. After all, insurance is a gamble and the insurance company is betting that you won't need the coverage so buying 2 policies is the same as buying 2 lottery tickets or playing 2 slot machines at the same time. If something happens send copies of both bills to both companies.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Jeff, I understand your reasoning, but generally a health insurance policy is primary-pay or secondary. In some cases (I think of one in my own life), health insurance might pay and other insurance, like the medical portion of car insurance, might also pay. A lot of travel policies are secondary (if there is a primary - my son does not have health insurance at home but always has it when traveling).

Posted by Barbara
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We always make sure that we have travel insurance when we are out of the country because of the medical evacuation feature. As others have stated, you need to read the fine print to determine which plan is primary. My suggestion is that you should be sure to travel with the Travel Assistance number that is provided with the travel insurance policy. Typically the international number can be called collect. If your medical problems are minor (dr's visit, prescription, etc), you will most likely have to pay with a credit card and then submit the receipts when you return home. Be sure to request a detailed receipt with services and diagnosis described in as much detail as they are willing to provide. Also if you are somewhere where the use of English is commonly used as a second language, ask for a receipt in English. It will make it much easier to receive reimbursement from your US insurance. Barbara