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I found a good use for the RS travel wallet

I have been using the lambskin travel wallet for everyday use. I also found a way to turn it into a mini-neck safe. I had two cords with clips on the ends and with pop away fasteners. (I used them for name tags when I was working at a book store.) I fastened them together so that it made one cord. I hooked one clip to the top zipper and the other clip to the front zipper. I can now hang the wallet around my neck. The wallet is just the right size to stuff in my bra (sorry guys).

I still have the RS neck safe and the RS waist money belt. I plan to use the neck safe for airport stuff (I can later put in in my luggage safe). The waist money belt will be for my emergency phone numbers and large bills.

If I know that I am going some place where I will be using my cc, I slip the cc into the travel wallet. That way, no one has to see me get into my money belt.

Now, this may not be ideal for everyone; however, I will be taking a short trip to California in a few weeks and plan to use this travel method. I don't want any would be muggers to know that I am wearing a money belt. I am hoping that if all they see is a small innocent looking coin purse, they won't bother and look elsewhere for a victim.

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