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I Feel Safer in Europe than in my Hometown

Wow - the helpline seems to have an unusual # of postings about "safety" - moneybelts, ATM fraud, protecting your electronics.

Doesn't anyone feel safe during their European travels? Maybe being from Atlanta is the problem, but truly - I love the freedom that I have in the European cities that I don't have at home.

Freedom to walk, all day, no need to take a car with the great public transporation available or just the general size and layout of the cities.

Freedom to talk to strangers. Can't tell you the number of people we've ended up having dinner with, exchanging pictures, exchanging travel tips. Add to that those who help us with our poor language skills, gently "correcting" our French, translating the German menu, encouraging us in our poor Italian, and laughing with us when we get it completely wrong.

Freedom to get lost. Without meetings & appointments & daily routines it doesn't matter as much if it takes a little longer to get somewhere. And you often see something you might not have with your "unplanned" route.

Freedom for my children to roam a bit. They were wandering Oslo by themselves long before they were out of our neighborhood on their own.

When you get tired of reading about how to protect yourself against everything bad revisit the post titled "What was your most inspirational moment". It's a great reminder of why we go through any and all hassles just to travel!

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Karen - I couldn't have said it better (though I tried) :)

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Karen I agree also & just posted the topic "I Hate It". I live right outside of Birmingham, Alabama & definately feel safer in Europe. But my main point which I didn't clarify was because of all the pickpockets in the various European cities makes me sad because I would never do such a thing. But I would rather deal with picpockets than a gun pointed in my face which unfortunately happens all too often in the US.

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During the course of travel in Europe over the past 3 yrs, encompassing 9 months total, we have always felt safe and comfortable.Strangely enuf, a feeling that kept reoccuring was that home was just around the corner!

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We, too, feel pretty safe in Europe. However, keeping important papers, cards, etc., safe is pretty important. I also carry a crochet purse (bought in Europe) with a little money and my camera. Everything is attached inside the purse for safety. My important papers/passport/cards, etc. are in my money belt.

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Karen (Atlanta), thanks for the wonderful and very articulate Post!!!

Except for concern about "petty crime", I also feel quite safe travelling in Europe. I'm sure there are areas in Europe that one shouldn't venture into at night, but for the most part I don't have any reservations about walking around, night or day.

Happy travels!