How to Start a Travel Blog

Hi all!
So my sister and I do a lot of extended travel (like 1 month or more at a time, usually in 1 place) and the other day she decided that she would like to start blogging our (mis)adventures, as well as any tips, ideas, suggestions and related photos. I have noticed that some of you on this site will post links to your travel blogs, and I was wondering how to go about starting one. Do you have any particular companies that you prefer or would recommend? How do you get your blog "out there" (other than posting it on Rick Steves) for others to read? Are there travel blog no-no's? Thanks for any tips you may have!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Monique, The first step will be to have a look at some of the Blogging websites, to see which one feels most comfortable and "user friendly" for you. Some that you could check include TravelPod, Blogger, Blogspot or WordPress. I've only had experience with TravelPod, and I find that very easy to set-up and use. In terms of getting your Blog "out there", you can: > Post it here > Post it on your Facebook or Twitter sites (if you use them) > Tell friends and relatives You'll probably find that those who enjoy will tell others, so your number of readers will grow. I'm not sure what to suggest regarding any subjects not to post? When deciding what to post, keep your audience in mind. Try to avoid things that will be offensive but include lots of details that will be interesting for the reader. If you don't keep it interesting, people may "drift away". Pictures and videos add to the interest and will help to give your audience some idea of the places you're visiting and your travel experiences, so they can "live vicariously". Good luck!

Posted by Tom
Easley, SC, USA
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Monique, I asked exactly this question, and after getting a bunch of suggestions, I tried Travelpod and I like it a lot. I used Wordpress last year and it also works but not nearly as well as Travelpod, in my opinion. Both are free; TP lets me create a map while Wordpress, last year at least, did not, when I was using it but they may now. Both let me upload pics. I found it much easier for my family to access Travelpod while I'm on the road than it was when I was using WP. My wife told me she added comments often on my WP blog, but I almost never got them, and she didn't get my replies either. I haven't tried that part of TP yet, but if it works as well as the parts of TP I have tried work, I'll be a very happy travel blogger! Have a great trip! Tom

Posted by Monique
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Thanks everyone! Sorry for the duplicate question! I did a search for "blog" and there were so many non-related options I gave up and posted this. Just did a search for "TravelPod" and found yours Tod! So I will check out the answers you were given, and thanks for the reference.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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When this question came up before, lots of us posted that we use Blogger. The interface is easy to use, and it's easy to add pictures, etc. When you write a blog intended for the public to see, you do need to think about who might see it. You don't want to make, say, derogatory references to your job if you think your boss might read it, even if you might make the same comment among friends. In some of my journals (paper) I have made remarks that I did not duplicate in my online version because of various sensitivity issues. The best advice I would give is to try it all out before you go, so you understand how to do everything (add pictures, edit, etc.). I even do this right before a trip to refresh my memory if it has been awhile since I traveled.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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One of the best ways to "get it out there" is to find travel blogs you like, link to them on your blog (there's usually a sidebar area you can put links in) and then comment on posts in those blogs, with something relevant but also including a link back to your own blog. If people like your writing they will eventually link back. And off course cross-social-media marketing - Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook - whatever social media you're using, link to your blog whenever you write a new post. I would also suggest in general that only write if you have something to say. A lot of travel blogs are "we did this, we went there, here's a picture!" those are kind of boring to me. Travel blogs are most interesting when they're filled with actual commentary, opinions, etc on what you saw, or how you experienced the culture of where you traveled.