How to pay a Spanish traffic ticket?

In January we were apparently speeding in Madrid and were caught by a traffic camera. We received notice from Hertz and a few weeks later received a certified letter from Direccion General de Trafico. We have been trying to pay the ticket ever since, but are not succeeding: The phone voice mail system is only in Spanish and exceeds our tourist level of understanding. Once, randomly pushing numbers, we got a person, but there were no English speakers there (basically, they hung up on us). On there supposedly is a page in English, but the form wants a "record number" of a certain number of digits and decimal points. There is no such number of that name or configuration is on any of the paper work we have received. There doesn't appear to be a general "contact us" or "help" link. I am getting very anxious and really want to pay this and get it out of my life, but keep failing in my attempts. Any ideas??

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Dorothy, I have NEVER seen any documention stating that someone, in the EU, was denied a rental car because of a previously unpaid ticket. While I do not condone skipping out on paying tickets, I do know that my brother did not pay one of his, and went back to Italy, the following year, and had no problem renting a car. Roxanne, I would not worry about being denied a rental in an entirely different country. Good luck, and let us know if you find a way to pay the ticket.

Posted by dorothy
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contact your nearest Spanish consulate
although they can't get service on you in the states for a minor traffic violation you might have trouble renting a car over in Europe in the future

Posted by Terry kathryn
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I think eventually they will go back on Hertz for it and since Hertz has your credit card they will chage you along with any additional fines or late fees. I had a parking ticket in Fl. once for 5 minutes over and totally forgot about it and ultimately was charged $75 from the rental company, since its their car they are responsible, and they just put it on my card...which would have been okay, but it incurred so many additional fees it went from 10-75

Posted by Roxane
Tracy, CA
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We had thought of contacting the consulate and have done this - They were absolutely no help: They knew nothing and it was not their business.
As we are going to the UK this summer, we are concerned that this might adversely affect our ability to rent a car.

Posted by Roxane
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@Terry - Hertz implied that they would charge back the credit card IF it had been a domestic (US) ticket. They had no suggestions about what to do with the ticket from Spain. This is why we are getting frustrated - We are willing to pay, but can't figure out how and no one seems to be able to explain/help.

Posted by Doug
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It won't affect you in the UK. I applaud you for trying to resolve this and you probably should try to avoid future charges. Have you tried working through Hertz?

Posted by Ken
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Roxanne, This has also been somewhat of an issue with people receiving tickets while driving in Italy. I also applaud the efforts you've been making to resolve this. Unfortunately, I can't think of any suggestions to offer at the moment. I very much doubt whether this will have any impact on renting a car in the U.K. as I don't believe the two jurisdictions have any agreements to cover that. It would be great if you could post another note if you get this resolved, as I'm sure the information would be useful to others here. Good luck!

Posted by christina
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I had this same problem earlier this year! Mine was in the Catalan region though so it is a different website. We contacted the embassy too. They were no help. I even had some Spanish speaking friends call the number on the ticket and listen to the recording for me, but as you know Mexican Spanish is not the same. Mine was looking for a number to, I'm not sure if it said ID number, or passport number but after putting in everything I could think of, I used the driver's license number without the preceding alpha character.
Good luck!

Posted by Roxane
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Thank you all for your suggestions. The good wishes must have helped, because I think I figured it out: I went back to the site we had tried before
<> The sticking place was the "record number" which was supposed to have a certain number of digits and decimal places. I used the "numero expediente" and ignored its dashes and decimal point. I was able to pay with a credit card and was sent a receipt. I printed out every page and will keep all the information. We will also keep an eye on that credit card for awhile. But it feels great to have taken care of this. Again, thanks for your help.

Posted by Eric
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We received a parking ticket in Malaga,Spain..Avis has charged us for three tickets..all on the same day and time..Avis wouldn't do anything about it so I called my credit card and had them remove them.

Posted by Sasha
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This is an old post but I am responding to Eric. Was there not a ticket on the car when you returned to it, so you knew about it then? We're all three charges for the same amount? It would be quite possible to be charged an administrative fee, the amount of the ticket, and a penalty for not paying on time, in 3 separate transactions. I am surprised Visa let you challenge it successfully because you really do owe something for the ticket.

Posted by Lauren
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We just got a Spanish speeding ticket and wanted to pay it ASAP in order to get a 50% discount on our 300 euro fine. It was very challenging figuring out how to pay because the website seemed to send us in circles. Follow the directions below and you should get to the payment form. Just keep going even if it seems like its sent you to a page where you have been before. Good luck, and see you again on the spanish highway going just 80 kmph the whole way :) Go to: Click: Tramitas y Multas: Jefatura Virtual Then click: Alguna Multa? Then click: Pago de Multas Then click: Pago de Multas (sin certificado digital ni DNI eletronico) Then click: Alguna Multa - Mas Info Then click: Pago de Multas Then click: Pago de Multas en Internet Then click: Pago de multas (sin certificado ni DNI eletronico) Then you should arrive at a form that asks you for your passport number and other information. It will also ask you for your record number which you can find on the upper right hand corner of the ticket under N.Expediente. Enter just the numbers, leaving out the dashes and dots. Then click continue and a form will appear where you enter your credit card information. Then you submit and you click the receipt button and download a .pdf copy or you can enter your email and they will send you a link where you can get your receipt.

Posted by Laurel
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You're all so nice. I'd handle it the same way I did a parking ticket in Cork City, Ireland. I just won't go back there....

Posted by Nigel
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Although it rises from the dead annually this is still an ancient thread from over 2 tears ago....

Posted by Tom
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"since its their car they are responsible" As Nigel says, this is a zombie thread - but I had to respond to the statement above that someone made. Although a rental car does belong to the rental company, NO WAY are they responsible for your traffic violations. Think about it. If THEY were responsible, you could take a rental car and speed, park anywhere you want, violate every ZTL in Italy, etc., with no consequences to you. The rental company would rapidly go out of business from the cost of paying customers' fines.

Posted by Anita
Chadds Ford, PA, USA
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In May, 2013, my husband and I were in Spain and, after returning home, received TWO speeding tickets. The first one, issued in north central Spain, I was able to pay on the website using the detailed procedure specified by one of the preceding posts. However, the second ticket was issued in Catalonia by the Servei Catala de Transit, i.e., "SCT", and the website would not recognize its "Numero de Expediente". After much fruitless searching, I finally found the following web page, which enabled me to pay that ticket. 1. Type ""? into Google Search. Then click on the resulting "SCT" link and it should take you to the "SCT" web page for paying traffic fines. 2. Enter the Numero Expediente on the ticket. 3. "Altres" and then enter the driver's passport number below it. 4. Click on "Cercar" 5. Click on "Effectuar Pagament" 6. Enter credit card number and expiration date 7. Click on "continuar" 8. Enter credit card CVC code. 9. Click on the make payment button (whatever the Catalan is for that. I forgot to write it down, but you can use Google Translate to assist you) Both websites will automatically deduct 50% from the ticket price if it is paid within 20 days of your notification.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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Tom... I know this is an old thread... but as far as normal parking tickets, the owner of the car is responsible, as there is no way to know who is driving the car... which is why they are charged to your credit card. Speeding tickets are typically given in person so the police have the drivers license of the person who is driving... don't know how it works with the cameras. But, if someone else drives your car in the US and does not pay the parking tickets when you go to renew your license tabs you will have to pay those fines. Not sure how it would work with those automatic cameras that ticket the car for speeding??? But, the rental company does have your CC# and a signed contract stating that you are responsible for the charges, but do the police care about that? Or will they just keep charging the rental company?

Posted by Lana
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Anita - you're a lifesaver! Thank you - your reply helped me take care of my ticket that I got 2 months after my trip to Barcelona. I got the ticket apparently the minute I exited the airport in my rental car and went 5 km above limit... not gonna comment on this BS... I just wanted to pay it and be done. Turns out they do have different systems for traffic ticket payment - what works for the rest of Spain does not work in Catalonia.

Posted by Sean
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If by any chance you have been pickpocketed, then I guess it's already paid for.

Posted by Nigel
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If by any chance you have been pickpocketed, then I guess it's already paid for. What do you mean by that, Sean? Are you making fun of people's losses? That's not in the spirit of our helpline.