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How to keep dry in Germany?

Okay...I have seen a lot of discussion about shoes, but what about a raincoat? We are going to be in Germany in November and I have come to the conclusion it will probably rain just about everyday we are there.

What kind of clothing have you guys found to keep you dry for the rainy conditions? I was planning on bringing a couple of black sweaters and I don't really have a big winter coat or anything. I was thinking maybe you guys might have some suggestions on what worked well for you when you were sightseeing in the rain? We will bring umbrellas. All ideas will be appreciated!!! Thanks!!

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Someone in Everett WA asking how to keep dry? How much different can it be from where you are now?

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I have a rainjacket from Lands End that has a hood with a bill to keep the rain out of my eyes. I have taken this as my only jacket to Ireland in April (I usually needed a sweatshirt under it), and to Spain in May. It's hip length (well, slightly longer on me since I'm short).

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Another vote for Land's End raincoats. Our whole family has them, and except in all but the hardest rain, we keep pretty dry. In truth the coats have traveled alot but not been used all that much-we joke that carrying them everywhere keeps it from raining!

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I know Jeff, it sounds kind of funny doesn't it? But you see when it is raining here I usually just run in and out to the car with an umbrella or something like that. I don't have a water resisitant jacket or anything so it is not quite the same thing as it will be in Germany where I will be sightseeing everywhere. That is why I am lookng for some good suggestions. It sounds like it is going to rain quite a bit and I know a lot of people have said it rained while they were there, so I am just wondering how others have handled it. I remember seeing one poster say that they changed their clothes like 4 times a day. If one is trying to travel light then I won't have enough clothing to change that often. It makes more sense to stay dryer in the first place.

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The best advice I got when I moved to London was to buy a raincoat with a hood. Now when I travel back, I always bring this coat with me. The hood helps when your hands are full (e.g. with luggage) and you can't really manage the umbrella. My coat came from LL Bean. It is a trench coat with a zip out lining. It is microfiber so very breathable and dries quickly. Because it is a bit longer, it keeps you quite dry.

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We haven't "rain tested" our new Rick Steves ponchos, but after shopping store after store here, I am very impressed with the quality. I was also looking for something that didn't take up much room and was light weight and this just fit the bill. I am thinking of adding these to my Christmas gift list for our kids!

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I also vote for lands end raincoats. We took the fleece lined version and rain pants that I bought for 19.00 a piece at Ross. We wore them enough that I felt even packing light I was glad we had them along. We were there in late may of 06. It rained the 1st two weeks of our trip, and it wasn't just rainy it was fairly cold so the pants not only kept us dry they also helped keep us warm.

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I was in Germany in late Nov. and early Dec.a few years ago and it was pretty cold. I tsook a long coat that was down. I also took a Land's end gore-tex jacket that I wore when it rained during the day when I went on walking tours. It didn't rain that much. We did get a litle snow. It was fun! Have a great trip. Also, I wore ecco water proof boots during the day for walking around town.

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I got a lightweight jacket with a ton of pockets that has the ability to have a fleece zipped into the inside from Eddie Bauer. It works great for a raincoat and layering as a regular coat.

The most important thing about any coat you use for the rain is to make sure that it comes down to at least your mid thigh area. That will keep you a lot drier and warmer if you're caught in the rain.

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If I were going to Germany in November I would take my raincoat that has a zippered keep me dry AND warm.

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I have the jacket from my old goretex golf rainsuit.It is great.Breaks the wind and is totally waterproof.My wife uses a small umbrella and gets by fine.

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I usually take a thigh-length rain jacket that is lightweight and waterproof. It has a detachable fold up hood. It compacts down to almost nothing. (I think it's made by Mountain Co-op.) I dress in thin, removable layers. Or if it's a REAL downpour I add one of those fold up pocket sized ponchos with a hood that you can get at a dollar or pound type store.

If I find travel clothing that serves me well, I'll go back and buy a couple more for the future. I keep my travel clothes in a spare closet just for traveling, ready to pack on a moments notice. That way I don't have to do laundry or think too much about co-ordinating my wardrobe since I've already planned ahead.