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How do you say that anyway?

Some of the confusion I encounter in trying a learn a bit of any new language is that there seems to be several ways of saying the same thing. Even the simplest formalities become a bit trickier when I wonder what is the proper term to use.

So, for anyone who is fluent in German... when your introduced to someone.. What is the standard reply for "Pleased to meet you" etc?

I've heard either Freut mich, Sehr erfreut or Angenem (excuse my spelling for any of these).

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We think that the answer to your query is in the RS book of travel phrases in French,German and Italian. Some of these are library available, if you dont want to buy

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"Ich freue mich sehr, Sie zu treffen". That's formal.
"Ich freue mich sehr, dich zu treffen" - informal.

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or really formal when referring to an elder, "Es geht mehr gern Sie Kennen zu lernen" = it does me pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you say this, they will be most impressed!