House Sitting

My wife and I are going on Rick’s Germany Switzerland Austria tour in September. We live in the country north of Denver and have two dogs.
We have been looking for a live in house and dog sitter. After two turn downs from friends and acquaintances we are almost out of ideas. Commercial services seem risky.

Has anyone had a third party, not a friend or relative, house sit for three weeks? How did you find them?

Posted by Andrea
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We used the college-age daughter of the business partner of my massage therapist. I found her by just asking around. Check co-workers, neighbors, other people you know. Also try your veterinarian's office and your regular pet sitter, if you use one. We gave our sitter our veterinarian's information and the name of our regular pet sitter in case of emergencies, because she wasn't trained to take care of pets.

Posted by Lisa
Lansing, MI, USA
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I have used a pet sitting service several times, and they've been wonderful. Since I have cats, I only needed them to drop by for feedings and play, though. Make sure the agency you use is bonded, check references, and you'll be fine.

Another thing to consider is boarding. My friends with dogs do it all the time. There are "pet hotels" springing up everywhere that are much more comfortable and attentive than regular kennels. Again, check references, and make sure there is someone on site 24/7.

Posted by Terry
Bend, OR
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We,too,were very worried about our puppy,geriatric collie and cat while we went to Italy over Xmas.I told my husband to just start asking mentioning it at work.After just 1 day he stumbed across a "friends of friends" situation where a family had been desperately seeking a rental in Bend for a wedding but were frustrated by the extremely high prices.SOMEONE surely would love to stay fee in Colorado in Sept!!!Our exchange w/total strangers was fabulous-everyone was thrilled.Word of mouth, and trusting your friends'friends' judgement can be very rewarding.Just go out there and talk up your problem..someone will have a solution.

Posted by Linda
Seattle, WA, USA
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It is listing of all kinds of people looking for places to housesit. I had a couple with child stay at my house in Seattle for a month They were from Texas and wanted to get out of the 'heat'.. It was 'free' on both sides. They have references, legal documents, the works. You place an advert. on the sight and you will get email messages or be notify of housesitters interested in you area. Look at it. I highly recommend it

Posted by Terry
Bend, OR
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Wow! Linda, I just checked out the Housecarers website. It looks fantastic! What a great way to find people to take care of your house and pets. I love situations where both parties come out winners. Creating a free vacation is for someone, plus having your animals lovingly cared for...what a deal.Now we will have an additional resource to find people when we travel. Thanks!