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hotel room safes

Have done all my reading on this site re: money belts and safety. However, if there are safes in our hotel room, do you think these are relatively safe for money, documents, train tickets, etc.?

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I had a room safe for the first time this trip. I kept my ticket in there all the time & sometimes I stored excess cash & my charge card. I always carried my passport & ATM cards as I need the ATM for daily survival & do not want to spend any of my vacation time getting a duplicate passport. If I lost the charge card, I'd just report it & shop less. I figured the e-ticket would be easy to replace as well.

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don't do what i did and leave my passport in the safe. we had a real scare as the plane for home left the next day and by the time i realized what i did, we were 200 miles away! luckily the hotel was able to fed ex it overnight to me at the next stop so we didn't have to waste another day backtracking! i've never used a safe since...i just wear my money belt.

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I always use the hotel safe either in the room or at reception. I just don't like taking my passport around with me. I have never had a problem. It is easy to forget things but make a list to check off in the morning before you leave and you should be right. The more you use them the more natural it is to check before you leave the hotel.

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We've always used the room safes with no problem. We avoid the problem of leaving stuff in the safe by taking it out the night before, when we are packing everything else.

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Thank you all for the replies. I feel very comfortable with the room safes, which was my inclination.

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We never carry our passport unless we are traveling that day only a copy and have never had a problem when/if stopped.

If we are in a hotel we leave in room safe or main desk safe.

Apartments we rent we don't worry about them at all
because we don't request any maid service till end of our stay.

I know it's always posted to carry your airplane, train tickets, passport all money and credit cards - to this I do not agree to each his own.

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Whatever kind of safe is in the room (opened with key or with your own code) the management can open it. If you trust the hotel's management and employees, use the safe. I always use the safes in my hotels in Paris. Other places I've stayed (mostly in Italy) there is no room safe. I feel that my property is more secure if I put away everything of any value in the morning before I go out for the day. Sometimes I lock the suitcase and sometimes not. The point is to avoid temptation for people who may have access to your room. And, when I return to my room at the end of the day it's neat and I know where everything is.