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Hostels: After a shower what do you do with your wet towel?

I haven't seen this on any travel site. Why?

It's a question for bringing a towel or renting them from hostels (is the fee charged for a new towel each day?).

After a shower, where does it go? It'll get stolen if left in the open, but not dry if stored in a locker.

What do people do? No one ever seems to mention this. Thanks.

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I've stayed in dozens of hostels and have never had a towel stolen. I always hang them on the post of my bunk where they will dry. I can't imagine wanting anybody's wet, funky travel towel.

As for renting a towel, most places charge you once up front. Some might make you leave something as a deposit. The same for when you rent bedsheets.

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I bought the king size micronet towel from Rick's travel store from this website and its pretty good. Not a nice fluffy towel but does the job. It has a loop on the end so you can tie it to your bunk in your hostel which is very helpful, plus the towel folds up and is not thicker than an average magazine. Your towel will not get stolen, I stayed in some hostels where people left their laptops on their bed and they did not get stolen, for the most part hostels are full of other young travlers and most people are nice and considerate and don't want to steal your stuff!!

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Agree with other posters. We each had the Rick Steves' largest mirco towels and hung them out in the open to dry. We stayed in many hostels during our 8 week trip.

Enjoy your trip!

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REI has a new version of the super-micro-towl that has a bit more "fluffy-terry" feel like a regular towel (vs the chamois-type like you was the car with!) both are super aborbing and dry pretty fast. While not cheap (20-30 bucks for XL size)- they are light and compact and may well be worth the utility! You could also just buy a regular one at a local store once there - but size/weight may be an issue!