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Hiking poles as carry on luggage

We're hiking in Switzerland in July. We checked American and TSA for rules about collapsible hiking poles carried in carry on luggage (that's all we take to avoid the baggage claim and lost stuff). We saw no specific exclusion. Has anyone taken hiking poles on as carry on? Does anyone know a specific rule allowing or prohibiting hiking poles in carry on? Your advice is very much appreciated. Thanks. Bob and Corinne

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Because hiking poles have sharp ends, they fall under the same category as ski poles, thus can't be carried on. They must be checked.

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My hiking poles don't actually have sharp ends, but little teeth on the end for ice hiking. For most of the year, these teeth are covered by a heavy rubber (unpointed) tip with little nubs on it. Still, I have always packed them in my checked luggage.

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I understand they rent hiking equipment in the area.

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Having traveled to both Switzerland and Peru to hike, I can tell you point blank that trekking poles are NOT carry on allowed. they must be checked.
As the other poster stated, they are considered to be ski poles, and ski poles are not carry on allowed.

We took one bag that we checked with our hiking gear inside.