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Hiking gear stores in Zurich

Does anyone know of a good sporting goods store in central Zurich to buy hiking poles? Thanks. Bob

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If you are going to be in the Interlaken area, there are lots of stores along the main street that sell them. There were also a lot of places in Grindlewald that had them. But the cheapest model costs about $70USD each, so they're not really disposable, and to get them home your still going to have to check them.

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I'm with Michael. If you need the poles, then buy them here, endure the checked bag --if you really need them for hiking. Europe is expensive, and if you are in need of an item like trekking poles in Zurich, you are going to pay for them for sure, no sale discounts. you won't find "disposable" poles (unless you can afford to toss $70+ away) and you will have to check them on the way home if you bring them home.

I've hiked 2x overseas, and just brought my poles in my checked bag with other hiking needs - like my hydration bag/rain gear/first aid kit, etc.

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Thanks for all the good tips. Bob and Corinne

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Ellen: I'm confused: How is it that you were able to bring your poles on your carry on (your last paragraph)? Your 1st para says you have to check them, I thought we were all agreed they have to be checked?

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As I mentioned in a separate thread, hiking equipment can be rented.