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High School Graduation Trip-mom and son

I am looking for ideas for an itinerary for my 18 year old son and I this Summer. I will be meeting him in Paris after he completes a backpacking trip with his friends. He does not enjoy art but liked active vacations or interesting destinations. We both love music, learning new things, and soccer. This is for his high school graduation. He will be tired and will have been staying in hostels. I was thinking Portugal, Switzerland orEngland/Ireland. Thoughts?

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Where will he be going during his backpacking trip?
How many days do you want to travel?

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He will be backpacking for 26 days through Spain, France and Denmark. We are planning to be there for 9 days. His flight is round trip from Paris so the cheapest will be to fly in and out of there.

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You know him best, but most people would be ready to "slow down" a little at this point. One base, laundry, parent paying for meals, relaxation, less travel will probably sound pretty good.

You need to pick one spot with easy connections to Paris since that is your airline gateway. I think perhaps Eurostar to London. Spend several days in London and on day trips from London. Find a concert and a West End Show to go to.

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I have done so much foreign travel with my children and Step-children that we did rather intensive touring. My kids never wanted to lay on a beach in Europe, they wanted to see things. Explore places of historical and cultural interest. Sorry, but a museum or two won't hurt them. My kids were in awe of some of the art we saw. The most memorable was the Sistine Chapel. They were in awe of the frescoes and didn't want to leave. My 7 year old Son wanted to know all about the art.

I would not take them to places that he has already visited while backpacking.
Great Britain and Ireland are wonderful. The British countryside is very scenic. There is a lot of interesting history there, going back to the Romans and down through the ages. Also, GB will be cooler than Southern Europe in the Summer.

We love staying in B&Bs instead of large hotel. Also, you get free breakfasts.

Italy is another great place to visit. Switzerland is wonderful, but expensive. For Switzerland I recommend Interlakken for a few days. Rome, Florence and Venice are amazing.